A decade ago there were over 140 desi breeds of cows in the country. Now less than 40 remain. These cows are source of highly nutritious products and has been brought forth by many sources. Furthermore, the local breeds are accustomed to their terrain. And agricultural belts have nurtured close bonds between farmers and cows. They add value and source of income for these families who live close to nature.

And again, we cannot stress enough on the nutrient value of what desi cows offer us.

Furthermore, we work with progressive farmers, people of soil who do what they do well, methodically and with rigour. We additionally work to promote all our farmers to use more natural + better for long term growth, techniques. With technical, financial & sales assistance to facilitate it all.

In this endeavour we are mentored by scientists and experts of agricultural and rural growth to bring to you the essence of आयुर्वेद & be an agent for growth of the whole ecosystem.

- Team Go4Life

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