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Few decades ago, India had 140 breeds of desi cows. Now less than 40 remain. These cows are the wholesome vehicle of prosperity, both from theological as well as scientific point of view. Shri J.C. Kumarappa, the economic advisor of GandhiJi sang paeans of the importance of these cows in Indian economy. However, due to the indiscriminate cross breeding with the foreign bred cows, our indigenous breeds are fast becoming extinct. However, in the absence of any economic incentive, there was very limited scope to reverse this disaster

Go4Life has created a judicious mix of new-age scientific practices, progressive farming techniques, modern animal husbandry processes along with wing-to-wing traceability solution to create a unique and innovative model though which not only the farmers got an economic incentive to keep these cows, but in process managed to augment their income as well.

- Team Go4Life

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