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Nobody needs traceability. Because it’s just data. Stupid data. More data than anyone asked for, in a world already drowning in data. It’s not the brightest idea, really. Also: recording data is extreeeeeemely boring and tiring. Data, data, data. Zeroes and Ones. So boring. No, thanks.

Because who wants to know how their milk reached them? At the end of the day it's just milk, right? Same as all other milk.

So what if our grandparents always knew the local dairy farmer? So what if they knew which breed of cows he had, what they ate, and the conditions they lived in? So what if they were on such good terms with the farmer that they knew the milk wasn’t watered down and nothing bad was added to it? It was just milk. Same as all other milk.

Or was it?

Scan the QR code printed on your milk carton and see the entire supply chain for yourself. See when the milk was collected, pasteurised, tested & packed. You also get to download a report of the 35 lab tests conducted on each batch of milk. Everyday.

Because this one isn’t the same as all other milk. We’ve got the data to prove it.

Trust, but verify.

How to trace?

Step 1

Scan the QR Code on the pack with your phone's camera or scanner app.

Step 2

That's it. There is no Step 2.

Trace the entire journey of your milk and download the lab test report.

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