Internet is full of articles about its awesomeness 



This amino acid is vital




How we bring you 

desi cow’s benefits?


Been stepping out in the sun lately?

And loads of calcium, other vitamins and more good stuff. :)

We have identified desi cow owners in the Braj region who take great care of their cows.

Cow feed is quality controlled & they are milked only when calf has had its full.

We go to these families and collect milk, bringing it back to pasteurisation plant in chilled vans

It is packaged and shipped in a cold supply chain

Milk reaches you within 12 hours of milking. Pure.

True Ghee reaches you with your order.

Meanwhile, we work with farmers in Bikaner and procure milk for ghee.

It is strained and packed for you.

Butter is made out of it on बिलौना by hand churning,

preserving nutrients.

Butter is slow heated into ghee. Using the traditional method. Which also is the best one for quality.

Curd is made out of this pure desi cow milk.


And the whole supply chain

is not only ethical but also traceable.

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