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It takes some time to unpack and talk about the wonders of Ayurveda. But in three words-

​स्वास्थ्य की रक्षा

What we offer is


Suited to your needs

Our products are developed by experts who have in-depth, scientific as well as poetic understanding of the matter.

Care has been taken to ensure great taste and feel of all that we make while ensuring proper ingredients for all our अवलेह, वटी, पंचगव्य and the works.

AYUSH License

All our offerings have been approved for

Fun fact: Panchgavya treatments use cow’s milk, ghee, dung, urine & curd in their formulations. For us to procure these, we require happy, healthy & milking cows. The milk is essentially a great side product, which we are happy to share & thus is priced so low.

Start with our


or herbal tea

Wellness awaits

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