Our milk is superior to not just regular milk...
It is the best A2 milk in the market.
Vitamin D
strengthens immunity, protects body from harmful viruses.
boost cognitive performance and improve memory
the precursor to Vitamin A, improves eyesight & strengthens immunity
strengthens bones & improves bone density
A2 Protein
makes the milk easy to digest. You won’t feel lethargic after drinking our A2 Milk.
And because we are an ethical company, with focus on helping the farmers and desi cows across the country, with a fair price model... its also the most economical A2 milk,
@ 64/ltr
MILKING (6:00 pm)
process begins at Gaushala only after the calf have had their share.
is followed by chilling and hygienic packing. No chemical/stabiliser is added during processing.
DELIVERY (Next day 8:00 am)
milk reaches our delivery hub in Gurgaon by 4:30 am. It is sorted & delivered to your doorstep
Given by Gaushala in Barsana -
Home to more than 55,000 cows who are kept free range.
Help make our Gaushala sustainable